Quality, Affordable Healthcare Access for Everyone
  • Eliminate deductibles and reduce the costs of medications

  • Expand and improve rural hospitals, remote healthcare, and mental health care and rehabilitation access

  • Legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin

  • Expand and improve Medicaid and BadgerCare

  • Increase state stockpiles of masks, respirators, and other essential supplies

  • Train a new generation of healthcare professionals to provide the medical expertise we need in our rural areas

  • Solidify the rules protecting the healthcare of dependents under 26 years of age and add on to the rules to help protect those with pre-existing conditions throughout their lives

Our Policies

The policies in this campaign are based upon the real stories of the real struggles of the people of District 35.

Thus, this list will grow and change as we hear more of our people's stories.


This is the first set of policies and is not the final list...

But it is the cornerstone upon which this campaign will be built.

The policies now laid down, along with the ones yet to be created, will go on to form the

real solutions which will be used to help us solve our real problems, and to build our better future.

Let Our Voices
Be Heard
  • Conduct safe elections and allow for mail-in voting


  • End gerrymandering and establish the creation of Fair Maps to allow the citizens to choose their elected officials rather than continuing to allow our elected officials to choose their citizens


  • Establish term limits for our elected officials


  • Get the Big Money out of politics by calling for and helping pass an amendment to the US Constitution

Save, Grow, and Adapt
Our Education
  • Restore funding to our schools and work to prevent more school closures

  • Expand technology access and expand our grade system to fit modern educational psychology

  • Use library learning centers and other programs to bring the power of education and life-long-learning to all our WI communities

  • Expand access to trade schools, technical colleges, and the UW System to train a new generation of doctors, plumbers, welders, nurses, programmers, masons, and all of our other essential jobs

Highspeed Internet
For Our Homes
  • Fund the expansion of broadband and cellular coverage into our rural areas


  • Fund the improvement of internet quality and speed


  • Ensure internet and cellular providers are holding up to their promises

Protect Wisconsin's
Interests from
Special Interests
  • Support our proud WI farming communities and our hardworking small businesses

  • Renew and protect our hunting, fishing, and conservation traditions

  • Restore control back to the local level and increase funding toward localities allowing for better infrastructure and for local representatives to keep us safe from the interests of those in Madison

  • Prioritize our citizens and our environment by keeping us safe from the sulfide and other toxic mines going up in the district, promote high paying green energy jobs, and ensure all citizens have safe, clean water

Tyler E. Ruprecht

- For State Assembly -

© 2020 by Tyler E. Ruprecht

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